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For a restful sleep of client, ELSA Consulting provides complex solutions to a given problems. To satisfy all requirements, our services are divided into several packages.

Our solutions and innovations provide the structures necessary protection against any hazards. We are focused on detail. All extreme situations that may occur are evaluated.

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  • For extremely loaded structure analysis is necessary to understand the behavior of structures and its stress. Only then optimal solution can be given.
  • We cooperate with experts from technical universities and research practice focusing on detonation resistance of structures. There are not a lot of design methods according to which is possible to design protection of structures against the effects of extreme load effects, in the current regulations and standards. Our goal is to respect the existing standards, but also complement and innovate then.

    Our work is based on the study, which is done together with client, to determine limit of risk toleration of client.

    • Preparation of the Explosion protection document (EPD) pursuant to Government Decree No. 406/2004 Coll. (1992/99/EC)

      EPD in the field of EX-environment is very important and useful documentation. We cooperate with experts, so then flammable matters in buildings and processes assessed, risks assessment, prevention of origin of explosive atmosphere, classification of premises in respect to EX environment, technical measures, organizational measures, coordination measures, assessment of initiatory sources and reviews and updates of EPD are provided, to ensure complex solution in the field of extremely loaded structure analysis.

    • Pressure resistance of structure

      For the safety design of all types of explosion protection exact value of the pressure resistance of structure is necessary. Regularly used analytical and simplified method are not sufficient. Our engineers use for pressure resistance of structure determination use finite element method. This sophisticated numerical method fully respects critical details of industrial structures (openings, gaps, connections, ...). This approach leads to the economical design of explosion protection, the correct functionality of the protection system and finally to collapse elimination of the structure due to poorly designed system of explosion protection.

    • Strength calculations

      We are focused on details. To investigate critical areas our engineers used use finite element method. This sophisticated numerical method fully respects critical details of industrial structures (openings, gaps, connections, ...).

    • Determining requirements for explosion protections

      We help our clients to find the most appropriate type of explosion protection for its structure. For the pressure resistant structure we determine value of maximal pressure with respecting all the critical details. For explosion venting system, we are able to calculate the effective vent area and recommend suitable locations on construction, where to place these membranes. For often used HRD systems we help us client decide, if this type of protection is suitable and economical for its structure. We have independent view, because we are not cooperate with dealers and producers of explosion protection.

    • Interaction assessment

      To eliminate the risk of collapse of the structure is necessary to understand explosion protection like a system, system consists just form explosion protection protected structure. For correct function of explosion protection is necessary make interaction assessment. To assess interaction between explosion protection and protected structure is necessary understanding of the behavior of the structures. All critical scenarios are examined: foundation overloading, collapse of part, connection or the entire structure. For this purpose, we use sophisticated finite element method.

    • Expert assessment and inspection work

      ELSA Consulting is ready to help the client even when a collapse of the structure is occurred. Possible scenarios of the accident are evaluated. Extent of the damage of to the structure is evaluated, including follow structure restoration. Documentation is checked, compared with the legal requirements and see if there are any errors in any of the design steps of explosion protection.

    • Protocols, studies, analysis

      For our client we ensure preparation of the Protocol on classification of environmental conditions pursuant to ČSN 33 2000-1 ed.2, determination of environment pursuant to ČSN 33 2000-5-51 ed.3 and ČSN 33 2000-4-41 ed.2/Z1, zone categorization pursuant to ČSN EN 60079-10-2 for spaces with flammable dust, zone categorization pursuant to ČSN EN 60079-10-1 for spaces with flammable gasses and vapours, reviews and updates of protocols For our client we ensure also preparation of HAZOP Studies and SIL Analyses pursuant to ČSN IEC 61882, preparation of SIL risk analyses (Safety Integrity Level) pursuant to ČSN EN 61508 and ČSN EN 61511, preparation of other studies and analyses pursuant to the order party´s demand From other services we ensure preparation of expert opinions concerning explosion of flammable dusts, gasses and vapours by an authorized expert, preparation of risk analyses pursuant to ČSN EN 13463 and ČSN EN 1127 and assessment of project documentations concerning the explosion risks, organization of trainings and seminars in respect to EX environment including the issue of attestation/certification on participation, performance of regular trainings in companies, processing and maintenance of the complete EPD, engineering and review activities in electrotechnics, engineering and building industry, maintenance of safety documentation in companies (safety, fire protection, protection against explosion), assistance with performance of measures arising from supervisory actions of the supervisory bodies (OIP, PO, ...).

    • Consulting

      ELSA Consulting is ready to help you with safety in every phase of your structure.

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  • The other area of interest is the statics and dynamics of structures. Especially quick and accurate assessments shape, material or otherwise interesting designs.

    For static and dynamic analysis of structures we apply and pass the client many years of practical experience. We are able except traditional materials such as concrete, steel or wood, design and evaluate the structure of materials less traditional, for example fiber reinforced cement composites.

    • Special types of loading or materials

      We specialize on special types of loading or materials. Our team is able to make expert assessments of all types of structures and materials where resistance against the effects of external or internal explosion, impact, overpressure, dynamic wind, vibration, extreme temperatures is required.

    • Design of structures

      Do you need design or assessment of one member or whole structure? We can assist. The internal forces, deflections and stresses are determined by numerical modeling with respect to aging and creep or the dynamic increase factor on the other side.

    • Assessment of existing structures

      We perform the assessment of existing structures, determining their residual life and design of its possible reinforcement. We also provide our clients solution when new static scheme, new technologies, new types of loading is applied.

    • Expert assessment and inspection work

      If your structure exhibits defect, our team evaluate its cause. Documentation is checked, compared with the legal requirements and see if there are any errors in any of the design steps.

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  • The basis for any design are correct input data. If the client does not have the data which is applicable, it is possible to use our service in this area.

    We participate in real experiments which are made in-situ or ex-situ too. For these reasons, we know on what material and geometric characteristics focus on and how to determine its value.

    • Documentation passportisation

      We are able to re-draw old documentation, create new documentation according to measured data (including materials, thickness, cracks...).

    • Non-destructive measurement

      This type of testing is mostly required by the client because there is no destruction of the test sample. We fully respect this decision. We perform identification of material parameters of known types of materials and classification into classes according to applicable standards.

    • Destructive measurement

      This type of testing gives more precise information about the characteristics of materials than non-destructive tests. We are able to perform this type of testing on all types of commonly used materials, including less common, such as fiber reinforced concrete for example.

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