Extremely Loaded Structure Analysis

Extremely loaded structure analysis

to Protect people, protect structure

ELSA Consulting s.r.o.

Accidents happen. Accidents do not care if the structure was prepared, but the ELSA Consulting cares. We are committed to help clients find optimal solutions to protect their structures at extreme loads, before they occur.
  • Characteristics of the ELSA Consulting company are a complex problem solution for hazardous industrial structures and technologies. Team members drawn on experience from many years of research in the field of specific types of load, structures and materials. The aim is to transfer research results into practice.

    In the field of EX-environment risks we cooperate with experts on this issue, which ensures a complex approach to the problem. The second area of interest is the statics and dynamics of structures. Especially quick and accurate assessments shape, material or otherwise interesting designs. High professionality, independence and expertise based by authorization helps us fulfill our vision: To protect people, protect structure.

To protect people, protect structure